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“There is a kind of laid-back smart-aleckness where one has to sit back, slack-jawed with awe. It’s his tone that gives the listener the impression of George as a bemused watchful observer. The ever-astonishing comedy of human errors is his playground. Gentle, mocking humor, often directed at himself, is his palette.”

Richard Cuccaro,
Acoustic Live Magazine

“Some singer/songwriters sing about how their lives are a mess and they are so miserable. Dan sings about how his life is a mess and - ain't it the funniest thing?"

Brendan Milburn, Groovelily

BiG WiDE GRiN is well named. Their groove and their vibe will put a big smile on your face and in your heart.

– Freebo, singer-songwriter

Back for another evening of laughs and music:

The bi-coastal duo of Elaine Dempsey & Karl Werne, from California and Virginia, brings diverse backgrounds of experience & music together to form a rich, soulful blend of character and deep harmony. It will move you to an understanding of their name: BiG WiDE GRiN.

They are constantly on the move--whether at festivals, concert series, shows, or select house concerts and have shared the stage, collectively, with Janis Ian, Lowen & Navarro, Richie Havens, Bruce Hornsby and Tom Prasada-Rao, and they toured with legendary blues man Keb’ Mo’. They often have a special guest of two on hand as well.

Big Wide Grin’s most recent seasonal CD, "Holiday" features a wide variety of world class arrangers and studio musicians from both coasts, proving to be the most diverse self-produced musical endeavor from this group so far.